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Digital Marketing, Data Share and Lead-Capture ‘IN A BOX’ for Events of all sizes

A yellobox solution for your exhibition or tradeshow is simple yet powerful, cost effective and provides a seamless user experience. The box is lightweight, portable and rechargeable and allows exhibitors and attendees to swap contact information, distribute digital content and prioritise leads all in REAL-TIME.

There is no requirement for an App or Bluetooth. All information and documentation is stored in the Cloud and viewable on any internet enabled device.

All data flows through the one yellohub which is positioned in your venue, utilising different methods of connection to the Internet it provides Organisers with access to insightful and valuable analytics during the Event.

I'm an Exhibitor

I'm an Attendee

Improved Attendee experience

A yellocard which is provided as an entry badge is simply 'tapped' on yelloboxes to capture exhibitor content as they flow through the event.

The content is available to view instantly on any web enabled device, during and post event. Using their registered email address it provides each attendee with a personal organised feed.

Both convenient and user friendly.

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Exhibitor data sharing tools

Exhibitors can customise the web links or digital content they want to share 'on the fly' - Captured attendee details can be given a lead priority and personal notes can be added quickly and easily using any web enabled device.

With the convenience of sharing anything digital to potential customers, this creates huge savings on promotional printing costs. All attendee details can be exported to Excel at anytime during or post event.

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Real-Time Event Analytics

With access to a secure web address, any ORGANISER can view all activity happening in their Event in REAL-TIME via an online dashboard. This data centric overview provides valuable analytics based on the flow of information happening all around the venue between boxes and cards.

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Streamline your Event with these benefits and more...

  • No App required
  • Increase ROI plus valuable analytics
  • Cloud-based and PIN secured
  • Go Green by replacing flyers and brochures
  • A ‘social media’ style feed for attendees
  • All captured content displayed clearly
  • Share web links and multiple documents
  • Set lead priority and add notes
  • Brand boxes with a sponsor logo
  • Export data to Excel anytime

We think inside the box so you don't have to...

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